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Director’s Desk


Director’s Desk :- Dear Redoes ,
The school magazine is an ideal from for the students to express their imagination idea and creativity the school is an extension of home where children are nurtured to become good citizen and have couple opportunity to display social .
As we know in today’s world girls are typing to complete with boys in all spheres of life
There are many people who oppose girls education they think that the proper sphere of girl is her home . so they ague that the money spent on girls education is wasted this view is wrong as girls education
“if we educate a boy we educate one person but if we educate a girl we educate a family ” “अगर हम एक लडके को शिक्षित करते है तो हम एक व्यक्ति को शिक्षित करते है लेकिन यदि हम एक लड़की को शिक्षित करते है तो हम एक परिवार को शिक्षित करते है”
There is no person why girls should not get the some kind of education as boys the person of country depends on girls education. so girls education must be encouraged.
Somebody said truth –
“Daughter is not equal to tensions but in today’s world Daughter is equal to ten sons

You can always call your daughter As
“बेटा “
But you never call your son as

Diary of a girl child
13 june – I get attached with home
15 june- I am tissue now
30 june- mom said to dad ‘ you are going to be a father ‘ both were happy
15july – my food is what my mom eats .
15 sept – I can feel my heart beat
14 Oct- I have littlie hands , legs , head and a stomach
13 nov – today , I was scanned by ultra sound wow ! I am a girls
14 Nov – I was dead……..! my Dad And mom killed me …….. why …. Is it just become I was a girls people love to have sister , a mother a wife then why not a daughter